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Master of Arts (Theology)


King’s College Singapore offers two levels of education: Master's degree and Licentiate degree. The Master's degree program requires 30 credit hours of course work and 12 credit hours of thesis writing.

(1) Master of Arts in Theology

The M.A. program spans 3 years and is broken down as follows:


Year 1: required courses and guidance from a thesis advisor on selecting subject concentrations.

Year 2: students choose electives that align with their interests and field of work while continuing to research and complete their thesis.

Year 3: students must pass a comprehensive exam to demonstrate mastery of their coursework. They will also have to defend their thesis before graduation.

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One credit hour at KC is based on a 14 week instructional semester where 60 minutes of direct instruction or other instructor-led activities is provided each week for the assigned course.   

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(2) Non-Levitical Honours (Lic.) under DAVT Ordination

The act of ordination is a sacred and holy undertaking that is steeped in tradition and biblical precedent. It is a visible and tangible manifestation of divine favor, externally validating what many will already know to be true. The Apostle Paul made every effort to name those who had served well not for their own sake but to ensure that those who served well received the honor commensurate with their modal excellence and future impact.

God's accreditation is based on an entirely different system than that of the university, rooted in who you are as a person rather than your function in church, nation or society. Every soul is ordained for uniqueness, and every community can bless God and flourish. 

This is why the leadership ministry has been established to help people outside the church appreciate those who have reached autonomy, mastery, and purpose in a life well-lived. Regardless of the battles fought or the victories won, how God has made you is infinitely more important than the things you do for God or your neighbour.

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(1) Course code structure

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(2) Course offerings

Academic Calendar 

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(a) Required courses:

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KC Organisation 2023.019.jpeg

(b) Electives:

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KC Organisation 2023.021.jpeg

(c) C-BAM

(d) Graduate Research 

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(e) Comprehensive Exam after completion of course work

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(3) Thesis Writing

Students pursuing a Master of Arts (Theology) have two choices: either work on a thesis with an advisor or opt for non-thesis track with four elective courses.

(a) Thesis Paper published as eBook (12 credits)

(b) Non-thesis track with additional 4 courses (total 12 credits)

(4) Admission for Pastors with more than a decade of experience

Pastors with over ten years of experience but no initial degree can apply for the Master of Arts (Theology) program. They have the option to submit a special paper of concerning of the  Admission Committee. This paper will be reviewed by the committee to determine their eligibility for the program, considering their practical experience as an alternative to a formal degree. This recognizes the value of their real-world knowledge in gaining admission.

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(1) Gowns

a) Academic Gowns: Midnight blue gown with Crimson colours, Hoods/Bonnets
b) College Executive Gowns, King's College gowns and her colours

c) DAVT Ordination Gowns, Midnight blue gown with DAVT Ministerial stole

(2) Venue

The Graduation Committee will decide.

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