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(a) Required courses:

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(b) Electives:

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KC Organisation 2023.021.jpeg

(c) C-BAM

(d) Graduate Research 

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(e) Comprehensive Exam after completion of course work

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(3) Thesis Writing

Students pursuing a Master of Arts (Theology) have two choices: either work on a thesis with an advisor or opt for non-thesis track with four elective courses.

(a) Thesis Paper published as eBook (12 credits)

(b) Non-thesis track with additional 4 courses (total 12 credits)

(4) Admission for Pastors with more than a decade of experience

Pastors with over ten years of experience but no initial degree can apply for the Master of Arts (Theology) program. They have the option to submit a special paper to the Admission Committee. This paper will be reviewed by the committee to determine their eligibility for the program, considering their practical experience as an alternative to a formal degree. This recognizes the value of their real-world knowledge in gaining admission.

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