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CNX Accelerator, Sep-2023

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DAVT Ordination, Aug-2023


Rev. Cleofe Albiso

Sunday 13-August, 2023

The Oikos Fellowship, Singapore

photo_2023-08-04 11.53.08.jpeg
IMAGE 2023-08-31 11_06_00.jpg

C-BAM, Jun-2023

Challenge-Based Agile Management

C-BAM is a learning platform for community impact projects by students. 

GEA, Mar-2023

Global Expeditionary Award

GEA (season 2) is open for nomination of C-BAM initiatives that individuals or teams have done in response to corporate social responsibilities to their immediate communities.

Season 1
(March, 2023)

AGM, January - 2024

Annual General Meeting

In this year's annual review, we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of our collective journey. Our commitment to impactful community outreach and transformative experiences resonates through shared moments, shaping our growth and success ... 

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