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(1) College wide survey 


(2) Registration Process

a) Complete all required courses.
b) Register on
c) Fill out the Transcript Data Form.
d) The registrar will generate the Student Transcript Card.

(3) Student Data

a) Follow the PDP (Personal Data Protection) policy.
b) The maximum duration for M.A. (Theology) study is 5 years.
c) Students with "Incomplete" standing after 5 years will face "Suspended" status.
d) The committee will assess "Suspended" cases before removing student data.

(4) Student ID & ORCID

a) Student can request for issuance of an ID card for travel (immigration) purposes.
b) Students choosing to write a Thesis must have an ORCID.

(5) Scholarship awards

a) Students with good academic standings will be nominated for KC scholarship.
b) Annual batch of 12-15 students will receive scholarships to continue in KC.
c) A notification letter will be sent to the scholarship awardees.

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