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OFFICIAL LAUNCH - A tri-semester graduate level program organised by The Oikos Fellowship takes place on the first and second week of January 2017 in collaboration with Direct Assistance to Victims in Trauma (DAVT-12) held at the Geylang Mission.

We have a limited number of seats @$200 SGD per weekend. We have a line-up of expert witnesses to the testimony of Messiah Jesus and the course reading materials by Bailey, Gruber and Nisbett have already been made available for review.

Dr Skip Moen will arrive this week (6th Jan) from Florida, USA to conduct two (2) weekends in Singapore before his visit to the Children under the Bridge and to teach at STT bible college in Jakarta. 

"In those days ten (10) men from among the nations will grab at the sleeve of a Jew saying, "God is with you, let us walk together..." (Zechariah 8:23)

why grab rabbi?

Dr Skip and other hebraic bible teachers all have gaps in their teaching calendars which makes it possible for us to "grab" them... if that makes sense. They come to us independent from their respective institutions where they teach.

Dr Skip Moen, a professor in his own right at Master's Divinity Seminary in Florida, USA also is on the lecture circuit with semesters-at-sea cruises and has led countless Bible Land tours with Rabbi Bob Gorlick. His personal blog contains a lexicon of over 6,000 word studies in the mother tongue of the Bible, giving students an opportunity to learn in an online community whose readership follows his travels in Israel, Asia and around the world. 

NOTE : recommended reading

NOTE : recommended reading

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