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Where to begin? You have a desire to journey with us. But it is a mountain taller than that the highest skyscrapers built by man. This mountain will change you. Do not imagine you can change this mountain. You will not change this mountain. The upward call requires a higher vision than you possess and a perspective that sees the city as God sees it. Our steps in the city are ordered not merely by opportunity but by a purpose more single-minded than that of an architect with greater focus than that of a builder of towers. What sort of perfecting needs to happen before the conclusion of this new day? It is a new day for sure but who will catch the brave new winds and who will ascend into the regions yet unchurched? This is what this site is about, not research but revelation that will divide readers into camps. Some information in these pages will produce great sorrow, but I hope that pain will give way to a fresh vision for the city, a harvest at our doorsteps. Men of stature have already delivered this new day and my voice does not add anything new. But if you my are persuaded to add your voice to the already growing voices crying for transformation, then we shall have achieved our purpose. 

[Photo credit: Gerard Seow. View of the old city centre at Chew Sin Kee in K.L. toward Bukit Bintang from the food street Jalan Alor]

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