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We are truly blessed to be able to partner with saints from many different nations. By discovering our purpose as individuals, we release the divine order. We bloom where we are planted. His word orders our steps. We are ordained for this time. Peace comes when we hear His voice. Hours, days, weeks and months flow when in divine sequence. It is in this missional order, this arranged progression of spiritual and practical wisdom, in the pursuit of the ways and paths of a holy God, that I welcome you, on behalf of 

and for the edification of the communities where our associates are active, among the street-strong, family-focused volunteers, interns and advocates that make us what we are in Christ.

Come down on Wednesday evenings. Have an early dinner. Join in the intercession during the chapel worship. Then walk with our regular volunteers into the back lanes. Bring your own cookies, bears and hugs. If you come across a non-English speaker, you may want to extend an invitation to join the English cafe for beginners. Here’s an opportunity to walk as Jesus would have walked in one of Singapore's most criminalized parts among the street communities in Geylang. But in the heart of every one of these women is a concern for home, and this concern is where the ‘durian’ opens.

While the war against traffickers is a serious one, you'll still have time for a cuppa and hear some pretty interesting stories from previous rescues. Every rescue has a correlation to a home, a village, a community back in the country of origin. Every rescue is the first of an amazing series of steps out... out of poverty, mis-treatment and abuse - and every day this happens is a better day for us all. Rescue is a key component in the rehabilitation not just of individual victims but of our community as a whole. It is the first step for us as a maturing vision toward healthier marriages, cleaner hearts and hands as Geylang learns to bless the God who loves us enough for us to make a difference.


To be most useful, our prayers must go where God wants to send them. When we were young we prayed whenever and however. Now that we are older, we could never imagine all the different places and situations where God has called our prayers to make a difference. 

Revivals never just happen. Fire in the bones is always a happy result of faith that is active and never unemployed. 'Begin with me' is the most revival-friendly prayer you can pray.

We can influence the world when we share in the story God is telling. First the reformation in me, then the outworking of prayer that proceeds from a changed me to an unchanged world that may, at first, be resistant to change, but then will have no choice but to likewise bend. 


Every knee must bow, including mine, but also the unsanctified church culture that we have become accustomed to through years of neglect. But God has promised in the prophets that 'He will restore the years the locust have eaten' (Joel 2:25)   

Yahoo Groups

An old-world sanctuary about 5 mins walk from the Kallang MRT designed to make you pause, think, and regain your centre. We are a Christian retreat house dedicated to mission, formation and service for the common good.



A church without walls reaching a community without Christ. Concerned citizens addressing a hurting and neglected generation with the message of hope and redemption to the lost and lonely in Geylang who need a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.



To experience God's love and pass it on.

The Oikos Fellowship

Mighty Man Camps

Mighty Man Camps - The wilderness is our classroom where adventure therapy takes on a whole different dimension in mud, sweat and tears. Specifically targetted at 13 - 14 yr old (teens in transition) who are having manhood issues, addictions and other basic youth conflicts exposing through expeditionary sports such as mountain climbing, etc a wider perspective of natural wonder and an appreciation of inner strength and character training.


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