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Welcome to King's College

Graduating Class of 2025

Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus

How does one start a new Christian school ministry? Whether you are a pastor, administrator, student-stakeholder, parent or Board member, this course will answer this question.

Ringing in the
New Year 2023
at King's College


Just with the passing of one weekend, we look forward to yet another. And so Christmas gives way to Chinese New Year, the noisiest time of the year.


This week is a week of final preparation before the real work begins, and we consider what we’d like to teach and who we’d like to teach, and how to reach our audience across the time zones?

In regard to the first question what we teach:


We teach both a theology of modality and at the same time search out the modality of theology.


By “theology” we mean: “the science of God and his relationship to man and the world below." (B.B.Warfield)


By “modality” we mean, I propose: “the science of man and his relationship to God and the heavens above”


Between the first definition and the second is where we are likely to dwell in the following weeks and months.


- Rev Gerard Seow, Head of College 15 Jan, 2023

Neat Computer Desk

Self-Organized Learning Environment

Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs) are models of learning in which students self-organise in online StudyGroups with minimal teacher support.

Working from Home

Hybrid classes

on and off Zoom

2 hours per week per semester in an appropriate time zone for tutorials and group discussion



on LinkedIn

Live as though He is coming tomorrow, Build as though He is coming in a thousand years.


White Curved Shape

Matriculation Courses

Gospel of John

This course introduces the basics of NT Greek in the first eighteen verses of the Gospel of John.



Modalities for Life

This course puts the student on a journey of self-discovery. “I help gifted individuals discover genius by modalities”

Ancient Hostilities

Ancient hostilities and the War on saints; sovereign foundations based on the transgression of the cosmic order in Genesis 6.


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