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with Pastor Glenn Arelleno

Its 22 years of FACE to FACE encounters, running with the vision SIDE by SIDE. And this year sees the coming together of hearts to make an impact worthy of those FACE to FACE encounters with the Eternal God that always results in a coming to life of the dreams we have SIDE by SIDE.

FACE to FACE and SIDE by SIDE is an initiative that brings leaders and lead partners in the missional task of community penetration and social transformation.

We aim to build bridges between the "is" of homelessness, unemployment, bereavement, delinquency, helplessness, hopelessness and prayerlessness with the "ought" of a better life free from abuse, mistreatment and misunderstanding :

(1.) Understand issues and priorities of a prayer strategy that brings us up to speed and FACE to FACE with Abba's faithfulness in keeping the promises to his children in covenantal and governmental love in Singapore's 50th Jubilee.

(2.) Develop a framework for SIDE by SIDE collaboration in joint-ops rescues, maturation of safe-houses in direct assistance and aftercare of victims of trafficking and families affected or left-behind.

(3.) Engage ambitions, energies, expertise, resources SIDE by SIDE to move together and to achieve more together to eradicate abuse and mistreatment to girls sold into a life of sexual slavery and debt bondage.

FACE to FACE and SIDE by SIDE welcomes Black West* Mission Director Glenn Arelleno from HIS LIFE CHURCH, BACOLOD as a mission director with 22 years oversight in reaching college students, young professionals and cosmopolitans in a nation of nearly 100 million English-speaking Filipinos.

This missional consultation is BY INVITATION ONLY. To be held on Saturday, 29th November 2014.

We recognise and honor the efforts of all trustees of the vision who have made room for God to act both upstream among the women and girls at risk in the village setting and downstream in the back lanes. We appreciate our volunteers who have responded to the call to cover the uncovered. We honor the ministry execs and marketplace professionals who, like Boaz, have spread a corner of their blankets over the vulnerable and forsaken.

*Black West = specifically designated or gazetted area in central Philippines where our Associates are active working toward a traffick-free society

AIM : Encounter Him FACE to FACE, Run the Vision SIDE by SIDE, until the End

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near" (Luke 21:28, NIV)


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