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Hebraic Routes of the New Testament

We're launching "Hebraic Routes" a new series of discipleship issues (Father's Heart, Lordship, Hearing God's voice, Humility, Mission, etc) for associated ministries esp leaders and leading partners who want to see 150% or more growth including financial fullness in the new year. Reply if you wish to be part of a collaborative platform of authors and writers to supply quality sermon outlines and thus support the church of Jesus in rural areas esp among the non-wired communities, sugar, rice, among fisherfolk, and other communities at risk etc

We'll start fresh in 2015 but the preparation will be intense from now up to the go-live date. Good if you have someone (preferably with a teaching gift alongside). Then on a separate platform eg FB group you can raise up auxiliary authors to help think up titles, create outlines and slideshows if needed. Why intensive? For two reasons, (1.) the pace will be relentless at the start like climbing a mountain, the hardest part is the starting. (2.) you will be climbing with senior pastors in a virtual office environment, 'flying blind' so to speak, but we'll try to keep each climb group no larger than 7 or 8 persons. Of course you are free to form your own sub-groups but I will only deal with you, yourself (unless you decide to promote someone or delegate out the process). Not every senior pastor wants to hands-on in this process and may already use ghost writers.

Our counterparts are all personal friends managing God-projects like yourself in various stages of growth, small, medium large and some extra large. Some of these leaders are responsible for city or inner-city works, others are really struggling in the countryside context as you understand it, yet all are hungering for more of God and to see less humanitarian and more divinitarian aid impacting and implanting our respective local situation. Our model here is the airport control-tower and pilot's locker room where we can swap stories, encourage one another and bolster the communities where we serve with the Word delivered in the music and lingo of the indigenous populations, first to believers, then to the unbelievers.

Pre-requisites. There is nothing to learn from me that you do not already know from your years of self-study. I have pastors in this prog with even higher qualifications than me. It's a method to bridge between junior and senior brethren and explore together Psalm 133 unity.

Materials. You'll need some blank index cards and a marker pen plus Wifi so that you can send and receive images. If you have a pocket wifi even better still since most of this month will be heavy-going in the run up to our launch into the new Year 2015. While most will be thinking of where to holiday you would quite naturally be loaded with sermon preparations crafting out what material to use, in which order and for what audiences.

Later on, we can create a common platform using FB to exchange ideas on topics related to and subsumed under each "theme for the month". Effectively speaking we are creating our own in-house "sermon central" to fit into the year's preaching calendar, also featuring relevant drama, videos & projects to share per Sunday.

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